788-LD+ Dimmer Pack


The 788-LD+ is an industrial four channel compact DMX dimmer pack that can be used in any DMX-512 environment. Each channel will handle a load up to 5 Amps and each channel can be set as a switch or as a dimmer and both a low resolution (8 bit) or high resolution (16 bit) dimmer can be selected. The dimmer fully supports the RDM, ANSI E1.20 protocol. On top of that, the dimmer has no fans and therefore is completely silent.

The 788-LD+ DMX dimmer pack is ideal for controlling simple off-the-shelf halogen lights from as low as 5 Watts, but works equally well with professional lighting equipment.

Inductive loads (like low voltage halogen lights, air vents or neon lights) are dimmed perfectly, without annoying hums or damage to the transformers.

The DMX dimmer pack is fed through a single 100-240 Volt AC line, it has no fuses but uses a state of the art electronic protection scheme against short circuit and overload. Sensors in each filter coil monitor temperature overloads, while the total current is also measured.

DMX setting:
The 788-LD+ can be set to any DMX address using the LED display (which is automatically turned off) and two buttons (A). The channel options can be set this way as well. The 788-LD+ has 1 DMX in and 1 DMX out (B).
* see photo below

RDM, Remote Device Management support
The 788-LD+, with firmware v5 or later has ANSI E1.20 RDM support. This means that with a suited RDM controller, you can configure the pack (start DMX address, 8/16 bit personality, dim/switch channel personalities, etc.) remotely. The internal temperatures per channel and the status of the dimmerpack can be monitored.

High resolution setting
The 788-LD+ (version 2) can be set to 16 bit mode, in which it can dim from 0 through 100% in 1024 steps instead of 256. This makes very smooth dimming of e.g. FL tubes and LED possible, but uses 8 DMX addresses for the four channels. The high resolution mode can be set via option H=1, while H=0 set the pack to the default 8 bit resolution.

Power Connections
The dimmer pack has GST-18 outlets (C) and the plugs are included in the shipment. These plugs allow for installing cables quickly and safely.
DMX Connections are on 5 pin XLR.
* see photo below

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